Music can be the lifeblood of an event.

     With the right music, your event can move from "enjoyable" to "unforgettable". If you choose 2SmoothMobileDJs to become a part of your next event, you won't be treated like a client, you will be treated like family. The successful outcome of your event is as important to us as it is to you.  We have proudly provided premiere mobile DJ, video, sound re-enforcement and event planning services to the Oakland, San Francisco, Stockton, and Sacramento California areas for more than 2 decades.

     Choosing the right DJ for your event is not only important, it is indispensable.  The questions you need to ask yourself are “How do I choose the right DJ”, “How do I know I’m not paying too much” and “How do I know I’m getting a professional DJ"?  These questions and more are all valid concerns when searching for the right DJ.  At 2SmoothMobileDJs we take pride in answering all of your questions even when you don’t know which questions to ask.


     Today’s technology has made it easy for “anyone” to become a DJ.  All you need is a laptop, smartphone or mp3 player, a speaker and "poof" you’re a DJ.  Access to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Soundcloud and most of all youtube provides greater accessibility to music than ever before.  So finding a DJ isn’t hard, but finding a true professional DJ with real experience is if you don't know to ask the right questions.  In order to sort through the claims of this DJ or DJ service is better than that DJ or DJ service there are a lot of questions you need to ask.  Some of the most important ones are;

  • How long have you been a DJ?

  • What type of equipment (speakers, microphone(s), mixer or controller, lights, table or DJ booth, etc.) do you have?

  • Do you use a laptop, smartphone or mp3 player?

  • Do you have a backup in place if something goes wrong during your performance?

  • Do you have references?

  • How in-depth is your music knowledge (i.e. can they mix old school, R&B, rap & hip hop depending on the crowd)?

  • Can you DJ and M.C. at the same time?

  • Is your setup and breakdown time included in the cost?

     We understand how some people may be uncomfortable asking prospective DJs so many questions about their service but all of these questions are necessary if you want to find the “best” DJ for your event.  A professional DJ wants an informed client because an informed client takes a lot of the guesswork out of meeting expectations and having a successful event.

     Lastly, one of the biggest and most important questions to ask yourself before hiring a DJ is "How important is the quality of the music to me and much am I willing to budget for a DJ"?  When negotiating prices some clients place little importance on the true value that a great DJ brings to their event.  Generally, these clients will hire the least expensive (cheapest) DJ they can find.  Often they feel that the music itself "just isn't that important" to the overall success of their event or they believe that "Anyone with some music and a few speakers can be a DJ".  That's like saying "Anyone with a football can play in the NFL2SmoothMobileDJs brings a superior level of professionalism, understanding of your musical preferences, ability to mix a variety of musical genres ensuring that your guest stays entertained and engaged, state-of-the-art equipment and personality to your event.  We have a variety of entertainment packages to fit most clients' budgets.

     We at 2SmoothMobileDJs wish you the best of luck in finding “your” DJ and we are here to help if you need us.

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